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Agile House Renovations with Alistair Cockburn

Post by Scott Vlaminck

There have been a number of people over time that have taken issue with the analogy comparing software development projects and real-life construction projects. Many of these tend to point out the many differences between what software is and what … Continue reading

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When plumbing outweighs business logic 10:1

Post by Casey

This full Java call stack between the HTTP and DB layer gives a visual representation of the problem with most “Enterprise” Java Web Applications today. And the problem really isn’t the number of layers (this one shows 97); most of … Continue reading

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Jason Fried on collaboration and teams

Post by Ben Edwards

Jason Fried recaps a couple of chapters of his excellent Getting Real book in a short presentation at the Collaborative Technologies Conference. Here are the slides (PDF) so you can follow along. Jason gives a little background on the presentation … Continue reading

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Fire Aim, Fire Aim: The Web 2.0 Dev Model

Post by Casey

Martin Fowler speaking at Rails Conf 2006, describes the Web 2.0 software development process as a process that works in the reverse of traditional software development processes. There is this culture of just give the product to the customer. Then … Continue reading

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First post

Post by Ben Edwards

Ok, we are to a point where we want to get the posts flowing here on the spiffy new refactr site. There are still a lot of things left to add (like everything besides this blog) but that will have … Continue reading

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