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Google Web Toolkit

Post by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

The Google Web Toolkit was presented at last nights Twin Cities Java User Group and I have to say it seems like a very impressive framework. It basically abstracts the entire UI (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) into your Java code. It … Continue reading

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I love a good home construction/software development metaphor

Post by Ben Edwards

In Construction Metaphor: Collaboration over Contracts Steve Berczuk speaks to his recent experiences with a home renovation project and the parallels it has with managing software projects using agile values. During the past year my wife and I decided to … Continue reading

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Round-up of Processes, Methodologies, & Best Practices

Post by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Here’s a nice round-up of the major processes and methodologies out there. I’m sure the list isn’t complete, but most of the major ones are touched on. It’s a nice reference because it’s short and sweet. The author doesn’t specifically … Continue reading

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