Minnesota just got groovier*

Post by Ben Edwards

Do you live in Minnesota? Are you a Java developer? Are you interested in learning more about the “agile, dynamic programming language” that is Groovy? If so, you should check out the Groovy Users of Minnesota (GUM) group.

The group is brand spankin’ new and is having it’s very first get-together at 6pm on Tuesday, March 13th at The Coffee Grounds on Hamline Ave. in Falcon Heights (near Roseville and Larpenteur Ave.) (map). We plan to meet on the second Tuesday of each month, and have set up a calendar (iCal, XML).

Check us out and we can learn more about Groovy and related topics, such as the framework: Grails. We can all share our experiences, techniques, and knowledge to strengthen the rapid software development crowd here in Minnesota. Join us.

*Although we cannot promise it won’t happen, there will be an effort to refrain from trying to use the word groovy in a comical/cheesy** way.

**Humor, like beauty, is often in the eye mind of the beholder speaker/poster.

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