minnēbar is blowing up

Post by Ben Edwards

minnebar logoWith over 300 participants and growing, I am glad we have the space to hold everyone at this year’s event. Now feeding them, that may be another story.
Refactr will be representing a number of things at this year’s barcamp of Minnesota. I will be a part of a panel on design (visual, interaction, etc) and also be facilitating a session on “selling agile” and all that entails. Jesse is going to walk through the creation of a simple application using Groovy/Grails, and, not wanting to be left out, Scott joined the web frameworks panel at the end of the day where he can discuss the merits of Grails with the other panelists, including David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails and one of the key evangelists for convention over configuration.

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Designer of information and interactions; contributes as much with enthusiasm and drive as anything else; generalist; can migrate easily between discussions of databases, use cases, and Photoshop techniques; avid blogger (from the days when it didn't have a name); critic of bad design; organized and presented at the minnebar (un)conference in Minneapolis; married, no children, dog; loves travel. alttext.com, minnestar.org, @alttext
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