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Startup Pitfall #1: Top-Heaviness

Post by Ben Edwards

On some level it seems to make sense, when building your startup staff, to want your “generals” in place before you start drafting your soldiers. That way plans can be made, hierarchies established, and processes put in place. But, it … Continue reading

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Indian firm hiring programmers in the U.S.

Post by Scott Vlaminck

This is interesting: Indian software development firm Wipro is planning to hire 500 programmers in the U.S. The company has stated that their decision was based on whether they wanted to compete on price or on quality (as well as … Continue reading

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Using Builders for test objects

Post by Scott Vlaminck

Last week, Nat Pryce shared some good thoughts (and code examples) on using Builders for test data creation. His comments on how an Object Mother can be painful to maintain really resonated with me and mirrors my own experience. As … Continue reading

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