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Congratulations to Graeme & Guillaume

Post by Ben Edwards

G2One is a new company founded by Grails lead Graeme Rocher, Groovy lead Guillaume LaForge, and Alex Tkachman of IntelliJ IDEA. Here is Graeme’s post about it. Refactr wishes them good luck but they won’t need it with that team … Continue reading

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Groovy Builders

Post by Scott Vlaminck

I’ve still been thinking about Builders so I dug into Groovy Builders and presented at the Groovy Users of Minnesota (GUM) meeting last night. Since I was inspired by Nat’s post, I used the same example domain that he used. … Continue reading

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Refactr Intrview Series: Marc Palmer

Post by Ben Edwards

This post is the first in a series of interviews of people we find interesting that we will post here on Refactr. We asked some questions of British software consultant, Marc Palmer, regarding his experiences working for Enotions Ltd. on … Continue reading

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