2GX Wrapup

Post by Ben Edwards

Jesse and I have been back from the Groovy/Grails Experience in Reston, Virginia for about a week now and we have had time to digest what we took in. Like most conferences, it was the time between sessions I found most valuable. We got a chance to meet with Alex and Graeme of G2One and had lunch with Jason Rudolf and Steven Devijver. It was great to see so many people from all around the world converging (England, Italy, Russia, France, even Australia, all were representing).

Some of the most encouraging news was the growing acceptance of Grails as the “go-to” platform for many new projects – projects that would have traditionally been Java projects. There were also several stories of companies switching from Rails to Grails for performance reasons. Mike Hugo and I will be talking about our experiences at the conference at this month’s GUM meeting next Tuesday the 11th.

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