Grails audit logging plugin

Post by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Shawn Hartsock has written an in-depth post on writing a Grails plugin to do audit logging. The post is great on several levels. First, he gives a good introduction to just how easy it is to write a plugin in Grails (mostly because a plugin is just a regular old Grails project with one extra file). The second level of awesomeness is that I’ve really needed audit logging and hadn’t dug into it myself, so by seeing this I’ve gotten out of work and you can’t beat that. Thanks Shawn!

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One Response to Grails audit logging plugin

  1. Shawn Hartsock says:

    Well, I’ve gotten out of so much work by using Grails I figured why not give back a little. Besides, look how easy it is to do this stuff!

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