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Post by Ben Edwards

The Refactr offices are humming as of late with activity on several fronts. In addition to our client-based software development work, we have been toiling away, putting the last few touches on our first product*, an agile project tracking app we are debuting this Saturday at Minnesota’s very own barcamp, (un)conference, minnēbar.

We are also busy getting our thoughts together for the various panels and sessions we are a part of this weekend. If you ever wanted to hear Scott, Jesse, or I discuss some of our favorite technology and design topics, you could either by us a beer just about any night of the week, or catch us at this year’s minnēbar.

Jesse is presenting a session on developing applications for the iPhone. Scott is leading a session on metaprogramming using Groovy as well as participating on a panel discussion about some of the trials and tribulations of agile development. And I am going to be doing a talk on getting big things done with small teams, participating in a panel with other “design coders“, and moderating a panel discussion about the state of technology here in Minnesota.

If you have yet to sign up for minnēbar, I suggest you get on it and add your name to the wiki (the super-secret passcode is ‘c4mp’). It is going to be off the hook.

* Drop by on of the Lightning Demo sessions for a 5-minute run-through of our new web-based project tracking software and get in on the public beta action. If you can’t make it to minnēbar drop us a note to let us know of your interest.

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