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Lean-to’s got agile project tracking covered

Post by Ben Edwards

Lean-to is live! We haven’t done a great job of keeping the work we have been doing under wraps but we haven’t been promoting it either. Since we gave a demo of our agile project tracking application, Lean-to, at minnebar … Continue reading

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Lean vs Agile

Post by Scott Vlaminck

I personally haven’t heard this question before, but Martin Fowler mentions that he has been asked whether a team should use agile development or lean development for a project. The answer is that they’re not alternatives. Lean development is a … Continue reading

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Nine things developers want more than money

Post by Scott Vlaminck

This is a little bit older, but pretty interesting: Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money. It should be inherently obvious, but seeing lists like this every once in a while is a good reminder that creating and maintaining high-performing … Continue reading

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This is for ‘Sota

Post by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

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Best Buy tries its hand at being small.

Post by Ben Edwards

Much has been written in blogs and in the news media about Best Buy’s Results Only Work Environment (ROWE). And while the idea (do whatever you want, work however you like, as long as you get your work done.) is … Continue reading

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Getting risky in Minnesota

Post by Ben Edwards

Minnesotan technologists are working hard and giving their time and energies inside big companies that have sparse ability to innovate. Similarly talented people on the coasts, meanwhile are starting companies and changing the roles technology plays in our lives. Why can’t the Minnesota tech scene produce equally cool and inspiring technologies. The answer may be the extreme aversion to risk we cultivate next to our corn here in the Midwest. Continue reading

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