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Updates to Circuit Breaker Grails Plugin

Post by Scott Vlaminck

The changes in this release consist mainly of exposing the internals of each Circuit Breaker to developers, ops, or anyone that might care. At Tuesday night’s GUM meeting, I presented my experiences with AOP in Grails and we discussed the … Continue reading

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CircuitBreaker Pattern in Grails

Post by Scott Vlaminck

I just released the CircuitBreaker Plugin for Grails. I recently read Michael Nygard’s book Release It, which is based on his experiences from the trenches in tracking down the causes of large system failures. He relates a number of his … Continue reading

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Success with AOP in Grails 1.1

Post by Scott Vlaminck

Success! After playing around with a few things, I got AOP working in Grails this weekend and I’ve checked in the changes to my example app. I’ve also added a test that more clearly shows aop in action. I made … Continue reading

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