2GX Early Bird Discount still available

Post by Scott Vlaminck

2GX is only 5 weeks away: October 19th – 22nd in New Orleans.

There’s a great speaker line-up with some great sessions … oh, and I’ll be speaking too.

The Groovy Users of Minnesota are represented well at this conference: Hamlet D’Arcy has four sessions, Robert Fischer (GUM alum) has two sessions, and I have two sessions. We’re pulling in 3 of 19 speakers for 8 of the 50 Groovy/Grails presentations. If you’re planning to be there, let me know. I’d love to meet in person and grab a beer.

If you haven’t already registered, the early bird discount ends this Friday, September 18th, so get to it. And, you can use the promo code SPRINGONE2GX75 for an additional $75 off! You can register here.

SpringOne & 2GX are running concurrently, so there are eight tracks and over 100 sessions to choose from. A little something for everyone.

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believes software development is more about people than technology; believes in agile processes; software developer, engineer, designer, architect, or whatever they're calling us these days; enjoys discussing software design; working on a program to write other programs (but it hasn't written itself yet).
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