Kirei and Refactr introduce MileMarker

Post by Ben Edwards

Fresh out of its beta period we are proud to show off our innovation acceleration, idea management, task prioritization system, MileMarker. We’re still working on some walk-through videos and some updates to the public site.


Release Notes:

  • Added filtering, sorting and pagination options to lists of ideas and projects.
  • Added ability to save sorting, filtering, and pagination preferences.
  • Archive views for projects and ideas were added.
  • Added the ability delete groups, projects, and ideas (in addition to archiving them).
  • Simplified the account management section where groups, projects and people are managed.
  • Improved idea search functionality and added it to all pages.
  • Descriptions and comments now retain carriage returns.
  • Increased character limits in a number of places.
  • Fixed some issues surrounding importing and exporting projects.
  • Numerous formatting and style tweaks.
  • Added the ability to change plans and pay us actual money. :)
  • Killed over 100 bugs (and most assuredly added a few new secret ones).

We’re excited about the prospects this app holds for organizations looking to get their ideas “under control”. Hopefully we can roll out some other great features soon. On the docket are:

  • Public community site
  • Public idea list and voting widget
  • Facebook widgets
  • API hooks into some complimentary products
  • Our own API to allow others to riff on our work
  • Adding project packs that can be purchased without upgrading to next plan level

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