Refactr loves Thunder and Lightning

Post by Sara

Have you ever wondered how far away from you lightning strikes? Well here at Refactr, our team wanted to know the answer. Yeah, we know there is a way to calculate the distance, but who really wants to do that much “math” in their heads every time it storms? As developers, we thought: “There has to be an easier way. There should be an app for that.”

So we created FlashBang in 2009. The app is simple to use. When you see lightning, hit the word “Flash” and then hit “Bang” when you hear it crack. FlashBang then calculates how far away the lightning is from you. Since it’s initial release, we’ve had tens of thousands of downloads – apparently people love storms just as much as we do.

Two weeks ago, we released our first update, and let’s just say people were excited to use the updated app. Within the first 2 weeks, we had over 400 new downloads and over 3,000 updates.

Here were some of the cool changes we made for FlashBang 1.1:

  • We created a new user interface with high resolution graphics to support retina display.
  • There is also a better user experience for iPads. (That’s right, we designed new high resolution graphics that will fit the entire iPad screen)
  • In FlashBang 1.0 we let you switch from Kilometers to Miles by editing your preferences in the information page. With FlashBang 1.1, we made that easier. On the main page you can now switch between the two with one tap of your finger. Touch the word ‘Miles’ and the distance will switch to ‘Kilometers’ and vice versa.

Download FlashBang for the next storm: FlashBang

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