Agile in Real Life

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At work, we use agile principles to improve the software development process. But I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how we are applying ‘agile’ to our daily lives outside of work. Here are some of my favorite responses from our designers and developers:

I tend to be too much of a perfectionist when it comes to home projects. This can be something as big as remodeling a room or as small as sweeping the deck. To avoid my perfectionism wasting time on the unnecessary, I like to apply the “simplest thing that could possibly work” principle. It really does help me to not spend more time than is necessary on things that don’t really need it.
- Jesse O’Neil-Oine (Developer)

My wife and I share one car and fill the gaps with public transit and bike rides.
- Hiromi Matsumoto (Designer)

To simplify my life, I sell, donate, or just throw away anything I haven’t used in the last year. I don’t own a lot of things, but what I do have, I use. I also don’t have to store closets full of stuff I don’t use.
- Spencer Hartberg (Developer)

I write code (either for work or for side projects depending on upcoming deadlines) while riding the bus to and from work.
- Steve Vlaminck (Developer)

Outside of work, one of my hobbies is brewing beer. While brewing requires a certain minimum time commitment, I’ve found some simple ways to make that time and effort go further. All my spent brewing grain gets turned into loaves of bread, dog treats, or compost for the garden, and any leftover beer gets turned into malt vinegar to give as gifts around the holidays. This saves several trips to the store throughout the year.
- Josh Reed (Developer)

This summer I have been minimizing the use and expense of driving my car to the grocery by visiting local farmers markets on my bike and supporting local farmers.
- Dane Messall (Designer)

I used to carry a lot of keys “just in case” I needed them and I realized that I rarely use the key to my in-laws house. So now I typically carry just the keys I need on my key chain: one key for the car, one for the house. And I have a separate key chain for each car, rather than two keychains that each have keys for both cars. At the office, we have a finger scanner lock, so that I don’t have to carry a key to our suite door. Likewise, I downsized my wallet. I got a card carrier and now carry only my essential credit cards and I keep cash in a money clip, rather than a “Castanza wallet“.
- Scott Vlaminck (Developer)

I buy clothes in similar shades and tones so I can mix and match clothes without too much care. This works especially well when packing for a trip.
- Ben Edwards (Designer)

Are you applying agile principles to your life outside of work? Tell us how!

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One Response to Agile in Real Life

  1. Andy McGrath says:

    Every night before bed we always ask our kids (5 yr old twins) “What was the best, middle and worst parts of their day”. After which we rundown all the things we have planned for the next day. Never really thought of it in agile terms before today. It was just something we do, but it has some amusing similarities.

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