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Nicerides to the Food Trucks

Post by Dane Messall

With the nice weather here and the food trucks out in full force Refactr is once again hitting the streets to get a taste of the local food truck scene. Last year we only got out for a handful of … Continue reading

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Grails JMX Configuration Using Annotations

Post by Matt Nohr

I have a grails application that uses the JMX plugin to expose MBeans. The good part is that it automatically exposes some built in MBeans like hibernate and log4j. The bad part is that it exposes too much information for … Continue reading

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iPad Wedding DJ

Post by Steve Vlaminck

iPad Wedding DJ I’m a newlywed, and my one responsibility for the wedding (short of showing up on time in my suit) was to handle the music at the reception. Which is good, because that’s really the only thing that … Continue reading

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Grails Tips: Deployment Tricks

Post by Josh Reed

I’m often working with several versions of a project deployed across a variety of deployment environments. Grails makes it easy to manage all of the configuration for these environments, and also allows you to switch the environment at deployment time … Continue reading

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Grails In-Memory Cache using Google’s Guava Library

Post by Matt Nohr

In a Grails application, there are a couple of cases where you may want to consider storing data in a in-memory cache.  For example: If it is expensive to read/create the data (reading across the network) If the data will … Continue reading

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Music in the Office

Post by Dane Messall

If you work in an office the likelihood that you spend a major chunk of your day plugged into music is pretty high. I know it is for me and it’s also a safe assumption to make about my coworkers. … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer Compatibility Testing

Post by Luke Bredeson

Microsoft seems to catch a lot of flack these days for the overhead required to maintain compatibility with different versions of Internet Explorer.  To help mitigate this, they’ve made some browser testing virtual machines freely available here, for IE 6, … Continue reading

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Using MongoMapper to run MapReduce jobs

Post by Luke Bredeson

Background When using relational databases, we sometimes take for granted certain operations that appear to be missing in “NoSQL” databases like MongoDB, such as the ability to group data and run aggregate functions in SQL, like sum, max, etc. These … Continue reading

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