Nicerides to the Food Trucks

Post by Dane Messall

With the nice weather here and the food trucks out in full force Refactr is once again hitting the streets to get a taste of the local food truck scene. Last year we only got out for a handful of food truck days but got to enjoy the food from Veellee DeliSmack ShackDandelion KitchenSimply Steves and Nate Dogs. At that time there were fewer of us and fewer trucks, this year there are more of us and more of them, we couldn’t be any happier!

With only 2 food truck days taken this year we’ve gotten to enjoy the food from Barrio, Get Sauced, Harvest Grill and Saucy Burts. A lot seems to have changed downtown this year for the food trucks. We no longer have to plan which truck to go to. We head towards downtown on Marquette and 8th and the options are off the hook! With at least 10 trucks within 3 blocks the only question we ask is, which one today?

Not only is the Refactr Food Truck day about going out and tasting great local food, its also about going out there and having a good time as a team. On food truck days we bike from Northeast, our offices are located just above The Bulldog. Not all of us are bike commuters or have bikes therefore access to the Niceride bikes has made it possible for all of us to get there as a team. With a bike station located just behind our office and a station located at Marquette and 8th its been very convenient for all of us. The only inconvenience was on our last trip when the station on 8th street was already full.

With the food truck season just getting underway, we’d like to know which trucks you recommend we visit next. Feel free to leave a comment with the truck name and why! We have plans to make this a biweekly if not a weekly event so there’s lots of food to be consumed.

Also since the majority of us are beer connoisseurs we are planning to visit the Fulton Tap Room where there’s an opportunity for us to check out more of these trucks. Will your truck be there?

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