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Now 50% More Space In NE Minneapolis Office

Post by Ben Edwards

We’ve had a great time in our offices in NE Minneapolis. We’re located above the Bulldog and have great views of downtown. Since we moved in in 2008 we’ve grown from three people and a few contractors here and there … Continue reading

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Understanding Grails Aliases

Post by Matt Nohr

In Grails 2.1 (RC2 available at time of writing), Grails introduced a new “alias” command. Like the rest of Grails, there is good high-level documentation for this command. However, here are a few more details. Quick Overview You can use … Continue reading

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Partial Mocks with Spock on Groovy/Grails

Post by Matt Nohr

The Spock testing framework currently does not support partial mocks. It is easy to mock out a class, but not individual methods in a class. In almost all cases, this makes sense to me. If you really only want to … Continue reading

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Tossing Text with Node.js and Socket.IO

Post by Josh Reed

One of my favorite quotes comes from Stephen King: “You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.” I feel the same way about certain ideas. They stick … Continue reading

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Google Maps API data management

Post by Luke Bredeson

When using the Google Maps API, there are some challenges you can encounter with large datasets.  Not only can the server-side queries and browser rendering be time consuming, but there are also visual concerns. Beware of too many markers If … Continue reading

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Zombie Run

Post by Matt Nohr

On Saturday Ben, Luke, Matt, Matt, and Spencer completed the Zombie run in Milleville, MN. It was a 5k obstacle course that was full of people dressed as zombies. You start the race with three flags (like in flag football) … Continue reading

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Hipster Backgrounds

Post by Steve Vlaminck

Refactr had another hack day this past Wednesday. This time we broke up into three teams and build three different apps. With a combined 40 hours, Kyle, Dane, and Steve were the first to finish with; an app that allows you … Continue reading

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Post by Luke Bredeson

The 4th Annual JRubyConf held last week in Minneapolis was a huge success. The conference kicked off Monday by hosting Getting Started with JRuby, Intro to Neo4j, and RailsBridge workshops. This was a great way to start the conference and … Continue reading

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