Now 50% More Space In NE Minneapolis Office

Post by Ben Edwards

We’ve had a great time in our offices in NE Minneapolis. We’re located above the Bulldog and have great views of downtown. Since we moved in in 2008 we’ve grown from three people and a few contractors here and there to thirteen and growing. Conference room space has become scarce and we are feeling the need to stretch out some more. As luck would have it the suite across the hall from us has opened up and as of June 1st we occupy the entire 3rd floor of the IOOF* Building.

We intend to use the additional square footage as collaborative work spaces and encourage discussions and brainstorming to happen there. We’ll be moving the kitchen to its new home and creating an area just off the kitchen for casual discussion and/or eating. Using the space in this way will allow us to continue to host local user groups like the Groovy/Grails Users of Minnesota and the Ruby Users of Minnesota We’re excited to see how both the current and the new spaces will evolve but for now we’re content with the current furnishings (see below).

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  1. Ben Edwards says:

    Not to be confused with our main suite with the sweet new floors.

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