Zombie Run

Post by Matt Nohr

On Saturday Ben, Luke, Matt, Matt, and Spencer completed the Zombie run in Milleville, MN. It was a 5k obstacle course that was full of people dressed as zombies. You start the race with three flags (like in flag football) and the goal is to make it to the end with at least one of your flags remaining. Of the five of us, only Matt B. was able to “survive” and the rest of us lost our flags and were turned into “zombies.”

The race was full of obstacles like a dark room filled with smoke and live electrical wires, muddy tunnels you had to crawl through, cargo nets and ladders to climb, and streams to wade and sometimes crawl through. The race ended with a slide down a giant wet slide into a pool of mud and a crawl under an electric fence.

And then there were the zombies. Some would mostly leave you alone, some would put out some effort to get your flag, and some would outright chase you. We tried many strategies like hiding our flags, using human shields, and running in packs, but in the end it was just Matt’s skill of zig-zagging and a little bit of luck.

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