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Grails Tip: Deploy to the Cloud with AppFog

Post by Matt Nohr

AppFog (, @appfog) is a relatively new cloud platform that lets you deploy your applications to one of a number of different cloud providers like HP Openstack, Rackspace, and Amazon Web Services. It supports a number of languages and databases, … Continue reading

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Creating a Flipping Tile Transition in Motion 5 for Final Cut Pro X

Post by Hiromi Matsumoto

One of our clients wanted a transition for a marketing video that mimics the tile animation in their mobile app. There are a few options to accomplish this. FCPx ships with a few similar transitions like “Mosaic”, but they don’t … Continue reading

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Reserved Words as Grails Domain Objects

Post by Matt Nohr

I recently ran into a SQL exception creating a simple domain class called “Group” that looked like this: class Group { static constratints = {} } When I ran my application I got this not-exactly-helpful error: | Compiling 1 source … Continue reading

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GR8Conf Overview

Post by Matt Nohr

This week was the United States GR8Conf, and we were lucky enough to have it right here in Minneapolis. GR8Conf is a conference focusing on Groovy and Grails and is held in the US, Europe, and Australia. Refactr was one … Continue reading

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