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known to his friends as \"The Idea Guy,\"; veteran software engineer; agile process guru; believes traditional software is built the way it is because business analysts and mid-level managers need a job; a strong advocate for small teams and an onsite customer. See also:,

Dangers When Adopting Agile

Post by Casey

According to Siddharta Govindaraj, there are five main dangers to be aware of when adopting agile processes: Unfamiliarity Top-down thinking Culture Change Incomplete implementation Silver bullet syndrome Out of the five listed I partially take exception to number one and … Continue reading

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Agile Revolution

Post by Casey

Gus Power has an interesting quote about the agility of a team, “Agility of a team is inversely proportional to the number of external people involved.” If this is true, and I think it is, how do you convince the … Continue reading

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Midwest Blog Aggregator

Post by Casey

Luke Francl over at has started a pretty sweet Midwest blog aggregator. You will notice family favorites like (Ben Edwards), Scratch Mount (McClain Looney), Unpossible (Dan Grigsby), (Garrick Van Buren) and your very own Refactr (The Refactr … Continue reading

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The Appropriate Amount of Time for Discussion

Post by Casey

I have been on too many projects where the discussions went way overboard (many times through my own causing.) It is so easy to fall into the trap of “let’s just discuss it quick” and one hour later still be … Continue reading

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Get an On-site Customer Now

Post by Casey

Presumably, you want to give Agile a shot and are tossing around which principles to implement first. The number one thing I recommend going all out on from the beginning is having an on-site customer. And I don’t mean a … Continue reading

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When plumbing outweighs business logic 10:1

Post by Casey

This full Java call stack between the HTTP and DB layer gives a visual representation of the problem with most “Enterprise” Java Web Applications today. And the problem really isn’t the number of layers (this one shows 97); most of … Continue reading

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Fire Aim, Fire Aim: The Web 2.0 Dev Model

Post by Casey

Martin Fowler speaking at Rails Conf 2006, describes the Web 2.0 software development process as a process that works in the reverse of traditional software development processes. There is this culture of just give the product to the customer. Then … Continue reading

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