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Saving Innovation: Can a DIY culture of meet-ups, competitions, and “unconferences” spark more start-ups in the state?

Post by Ben Edwards

It was a warm Saturday in late May, and instead of rolling out the dock up at the cabin or going for a jog around the chain of lakes, more than 600 people chose to spend their day inside Best … Continue reading

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Call for session organizers: MinneBar ’09

Post by Ben Edwards

We’d love to see some Groovy/Grails/Agile sessions at Minnesota’s barcamp, MinneBar. Jesse, Scott, and I are a bit too harried at the moment to lead too many sessions so we are calling on the community to take the baton. We’d … Continue reading

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Refactr at minnēbar

Post by Ben Edwards

The Refactr offices are humming as of late with activity on several fronts. In addition to our client-based software development work, we have been toiling away, putting the last few touches on our first product*, an agile project tracking app … Continue reading

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