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iOS tips: @synchronized

Post by Steve Vlaminck

If you’re just getting started with threading in Objective-C, it won’t be long before you’ll need to make some thread-safe modifications to objects. One of the many useful tools that Objective-C gives us is the @synchronized directive. From the documentation: … Continue reading

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iOS tips: Custom Fonts

Post by Steve Vlaminck

My good friend google told me that using a custom font in iOS is “easy”. And for the most part it is, but I got tripped up in a few places. I happen to have Apples Keychain example code lying around … Continue reading

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Hipster Backgrounds

Post by Steve Vlaminck

Refactr had another hack day this past Wednesday. This time we broke up into three teams and build three different apps. With a combined 40 hours, Kyle, Dane, and Steve were the first to finish with hipsterbackgrounds.com; an app that allows you … Continue reading

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iPad Wedding DJ

Post by Steve Vlaminck

iPad Wedding DJ I’m a newlywed, and my one responsibility for the wedding (short of showing up on time in my suit) was to handle the music at the reception. Which is good, because that’s really the only thing that … Continue reading

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