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Startup Pitfall #1: Top-Heaviness

Post by Ben Edwards

On some level it seems to make sense, when building your startup staff, to want your “generals” in place before you start drafting your soldiers. That way plans can be made, hierarchies established, and processes put in place. But, it … Continue reading

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Should intuition play a part in developing software?

Post by Ben Edwards

I was reading Thomas Nilsson’s site (nice site) on Responsive Development (nice term) when I came across a quote in Thomas’ post titled What is “Agile” all about? Really? from agile guru and manifeto signatory Ron Jeffries. Jeffries offers some … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping is agile (or how we decided to let go of our fears, start a business, and make meaning in our community)

Post by Ben Edwards

Part of the reason it has been a bit quiet around here is that we are busy taking the advice of Guy Kawasaki and others and have started a company.* Refactr is just a weblog no more. Now we are … Continue reading

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Dangers When Adopting Agile

Post by Casey

According to Siddharta Govindaraj, there are five main dangers to be aware of when adopting agile processes: Unfamiliarity Top-down thinking Culture Change Incomplete implementation Silver bullet syndrome Out of the five listed I partially take exception to number one and … Continue reading

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