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Music in the Office

Post by Dane Messall

If you work in an office the likelihood that you spend a major chunk of your day plugged into music is pretty high. I know it is for me and it’s also a safe assumption to make about my coworkers. … Continue reading

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Lean-to’s got agile project tracking covered

Post by Ben Edwards

Lean-to is live! We haven’t done a great job of keeping the work we have been doing under wraps but we haven’t been promoting it either. Since we gave a demo of our agile project tracking application, Lean-to, at minnebar … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Graeme & Guillaume

Post by Ben Edwards

G2One is a new company founded by Grails lead Graeme Rocher, Groovy lead Guillaume LaForge, and Alex Tkachman of IntelliJ IDEA. Here is Graeme’s post about it. Refactr wishes them good luck but they won’t need it with that team … Continue reading

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Startup Pitfall #1: Top-Heaviness

Post by Ben Edwards

On some level it seems to make sense, when building your startup staff, to want your “generals” in place before you start drafting your soldiers. That way plans can be made, hierarchies established, and processes put in place. But, it … Continue reading

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You call that Agile?

Post by Ben Edwards

Many companies are throwing around the term agile when defining who they are and what they can offer but, as the Agile In Action blog points out, many may not be practicing what they preach. In this post I have … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping is agile (or how we decided to let go of our fears, start a business, and make meaning in our community)

Post by Ben Edwards

Part of the reason it has been a bit quiet around here is that we are busy taking the advice of Guy Kawasaki and others and have started a company.* Refactr is just a weblog no more. Now we are … Continue reading

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Size does matter

Post by Ben Edwards

Seth Godin is a bit nonsensical in some of his arguments for why small companies can compete against and even outperform larger ones (i.e. he cites the growth %’s of small companies compared to larger ones as evidence). Even though … Continue reading

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Analogy watch: The enterprise as a supertanker

Post by Ben Edwards

Kerry Buckley wrote a great post that made me laugh and think. When people talk about large organisations making major changes to their core processes or values, sooner or later someone will compare the process to steering a supertanker – … Continue reading

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Design and the Agile Method

Post by Ben Edwards

In a recent post, Microsoft employee, ahem… wildchicken hurls some rather ill-founded accusations at something that is near and dear to me. In his opinion (or actually the opinion of several unnamed “respected” UX friends of his) the agile method … Continue reading

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Agile Revolution

Post by Casey

Gus Power has an interesting quote about the agility of a team, “Agility of a team is inversely proportional to the number of external people involved.” If this is true, and I think it is, how do you convince the … Continue reading

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