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Adobe switched to agile methods develop their flagship CS3 product

Post by Ben Edwards

Having spent a good part of the past several months talking to companies about agile methods and what it means to be agile, we have found people to be very receptive to the benefits of working in ways designed to … Continue reading

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What can a day of Groovy and Grails get you? As it turns out a lot.

Post by Ben Edwards

A day can get you a pretty nice RSS blog aggregator. It takes into account post content and only aggregates posts about Groovy or Grails. It has a nice Ajax front-end and to top it off, it was designed and … Continue reading

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MNteractive Podcast Profile: Refactr

Post by Ben Edwards

Refactr is proud to be the first company to be profiled by Garrick Van Buren as part of the MNteractive Podcast Profile series. In it, Jesse, Scott, and I discuss our experiences with agile software development, Groovy and Grails, and … Continue reading

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Software is hard. It’s a pain in the process.

Post by Ben Edwards

Salon’s Scott Rosenberg is interviewed by Salon’s Andrew Leonard for his piece called Software is hard. By this time, most people who have participated in software development projects any time within the last ten years, know that developing software can … Continue reading

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Should intuition play a part in developing software?

Post by Ben Edwards

I was reading Thomas Nilsson’s site (nice site) on Responsive Development (nice term) when I came across a quote in Thomas’ post titled What is “Agile” all about? Really? from agile guru and manifeto signatory Ron Jeffries. Jeffries offers some … Continue reading

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How I Explained REST to My Wife

Post by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

This is pretty much the best description of how the Web works that I’ve ever read. REST makes sense, the Web has proven that; why is there even a debate about this? Sure, maybe there are a few places that … Continue reading

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Jason Fried on collaboration and teams

Post by Ben Edwards

Jason Fried recaps a couple of chapters of his excellent Getting Real book in a short presentation at the Collaborative Technologies Conference. Here are the slides (PDF) so you can follow along. Jason gives a little background on the presentation … Continue reading

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Fire Aim, Fire Aim: The Web 2.0 Dev Model

Post by Casey

Martin Fowler speaking at Rails Conf 2006, describes the Web 2.0 software development process as a process that works in the reverse of traditional software development processes. There is this culture of just give the product to the customer. Then … Continue reading

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