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Saving Innovation: Can a DIY culture of meet-ups, competitions, and “unconferences” spark more start-ups in the state?

Post by Ben Edwards

It was a warm Saturday in late May, and instead of rolling out the dock up at the cabin or going for a jog around the chain of lakes, more than 600 people chose to spend their day inside Best … Continue reading

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Getting risky in Minnesota

Post by Ben Edwards

Minnesotan technologists are working hard and giving their time and energies inside big companies that have sparse ability to innovate. Similarly talented people on the coasts, meanwhile are starting companies and changing the roles technology plays in our lives. Why can’t the Minnesota tech scene produce equally cool and inspiring technologies. The answer may be the extreme aversion to risk we cultivate next to our corn here in the Midwest. Continue reading

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Refactr at minnēbar

Post by Ben Edwards

The Refactr offices are humming as of late with activity on several fronts. In addition to our client-based software development work, we have been toiling away, putting the last few touches on our first product*, an agile project tracking app … Continue reading

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